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    MyMugs Malaysia
Is the leading supplier of ceramic mugs and accessories in Malaysia. Our promotional ceramic mugs and glasswares are available in many designs, sizes and colours. Our extensive range of products with customized decorations will fit into your promotion or retail needs whenever you need.



PORCELAIN MUGS Our high quality porcelain mugs has glossy white body and exceptionally durable. Even without prints the mugs looks elegant. Its delicate beauty and smoothness makes it a delight to keep. Porcelain mugs are chip resistant making them favourable for everyday usage.




STONEWARE MUGS Colourful Stoneware mugs are glazed with many different colours. These mugs are much thicker and has great ability to insulate heat which makes it favourable for use with hot beverages. Colours are available in dark colours like BLACK, NAVY BLUE, BROWN and pastel colours like PINK, APPLE GREEN, VIOLET, SKY BLUE etc are also available. You can conveniently choose any of these colours to suit your corporate logo or promotion theme.





BONE CHINA MUGS MyMugs Malaysia carries a range of bone china mugs exclusively for customers who appreciate the finest quality of ceramic. Bone china is such a unique material because of its whiteness and strength. The whiteness that bone china owes to its phosphates content that gives it a translucency that distinguishes it from most other forms of ceramic. Due to its strength, the mugs and wares are made thinner than any ceramic wares. These translucent properties become even more evident and appealing if your bone china is cut along very thin cross sections, making your pieces even more attractive and therefore more valuable for most people.





CERAMIC DININGWARES Our hotelwares are specially made for our Spanish customers where they need highly chip resistant properties for their steak menu. The plates are fired with higher temperature so that they are fully vitrified. Although this will cause the surface of the glaze a little grayish but this will ensure that the plates are exceptionally durable thus keeping your replacements low.







Message Mugs Currently MyMug Malaysia is developing a range of message mugs for special occasions like Valentine Day, Fathers', Mothers' and Teacher's Day as gifts and also motivational message for corporate and factories.





GLASS MUGS We do have a range of glasswares for promotional or retail business. Wine glasses, Beer Glasses/ Mugs, Rock Glasses and also TehTarik mugs and cups and saucers are of higher quality and suitable for Hotels and Restaurants usage. We also carry a range of frosted mugs that comes with a coloured plastic cover.





MADE-TO-ORDER We do accept made-to-order items for special occasions. These items can be design according to your shape, size and colours. It can also be in the material that you need. Together we will also customize your messages or prints with a low minimum order quantity.







PACKAGING Our packaging comes in nice presentable gift boxes. The gift boxes are in corrugated material that can withstand the impact of transportation. Special arrangements can be made should you need a box that can carry your logo and messages.


PRODUCT SAFETY All our products are manufactured under strict safety control. The raw materials and finished products are being processed under US FDA and Malaysia Sirim standards. To ensure that our products are food safe, we send our products for USFDA and Malaysia Sirim certification regularly.