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MyMug Sdn Bhd is the manufacturer of the Ceramic Mugs. We have mug factory and also offer the best Ceramic Accessories as the ceramic mugs mug Manufacturer. Our mug factory produce the best Promotional Gift, Printed Glassware as the, Custom Made Mug manufacturer, such as Ceramic Accessories, Ceramic Tablewares, Ceramic Mug and Glass Drinkwares, Coloured Mug, gift mugs, customized mugs, Cup and Saucer, Fine Bone China, fine porcelain, teacup, plates, bowls, chinese tea set, Promotional Mugs, dinnerware sets, Chinese Teapot, and Glasswares. We offer you the best quality of various kind of Fancy Mug that suitable as souvenir items with the promotional and lower price. We are now expand our business as the mug manufacturer in the region such as Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, india, Korea, Japan, China and etc.
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  My Mug is a manufacturer of customized Mug, Ceramic Tablewares , Coloured Mug, Cup and Saucer, Fine Bone China, Ceramic Tablewares Glass Drinkwaresand Glasswares. We own and efficiently operate a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to produce and to customize logos on all kind of mugs and glass wares.  
Ceramic Mugs,Mug Factory,Ceramic Accessories,Manufacturer,Malaysia
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  My Mug Sdn Bhd is the best customized Mug manufacturer. We offer the best Mugs and many more such as Ceramic Accessories, Ceramic Tablewares Glass Drinkwares, Coloured Mug, Fine Bone China, Cup and Saucer, with the best quality. To see all of our Products, Lets view our catalog Now!  
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  Ceramic Mugs,Mug Factory,Ceramic Accessories,Manufacturer,Malaysia  
  PORCELAIN MUGS Our high quality porcelain mugs has glossy white body and exceptionally durable. Its delicate beauty and smoothness .  
  STONEWARE MUGS Colourful Stoneware mugs are glazed with many different colours. These mugs are much thicker.  
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